Web Design

Custom Web Design

What does the word “custom” mean in custom websites? For us, it’s about taking what’s unique about your brand and building out from there. It’s not about moving the logo to an odd spot. It’s about the feeling evoked when someone first arrives and begins browsing around.

User Experience (UX)

We put user experience first. Anything you build, whether it’s a car or a website, should be easy to use and reliable. By creating basic prototypes, we can predict how users interact with the interface and make design decisions that reward common behaviors.

UI Prototyping

Building on a solid UX, we layer on imagery. Early designs may be black and white or full color, but the idea for each is to help you see how pages flow from one section to the next. This is how we decide which elements are needed on each layout.

Mobile & Web Apps

For most businesses, a mobile responsive website is the best way to cater to users on all devices. However, there are certain ideas and cases that are better serviced by a dedicated mobile or tablet app experience. A good app solves a problem.